The beach where people keep finding human bones

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The beach where people keep finding human bones

A relaxing walk along the seashore is something many of us enjoy.

But what happens if you come across ancient human remains?

That's what happened to Christopher Rees, from Bridgend, as he walked his dog in Dunraven Bay, in the Vale of Glamorgan, last October.

The 39-year-old was with his seven-year-old son, Dylan, when he saw part of a bone sticking out of the sand.

"Dylan loves learning about history and going to museums, so he was excited to see what it was," Christopher said.

Dylan initially thought the bones were of a dinosaur, and they took some of what they found back to the car to take home.

But when Dylan returned home and proudly showed off his discoveries, his mother Sophie suspected that what they had found were human bones.

"My sister has some friends who are doctors and vets. So the group chat was in full swing and it wasn't until a few days later at Sunday dinner that I was talking to her and she said 'yeah, it looks like a human bone'."

After the discovery, Christopher called the police and explained everything to them.

"I was panicking. I thought 'what have I gotten myself into?'

"I explained everything to the police and where I found it."

South Wales Police cordoned off the area for several days as they investigated the discovery.

A few weeks later, officers confirmed that what Christopher and Dylan had discovered were ancient remains.

It is not the first time that ancient remains have been found along this coastal area.

Earlier this month, suspected centuries-old human remains were found on the same beach after an ancient wall collapsed./ CNA

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