The murder of Gentian Bejtja/ The witness tells the details: The people were masked, I was scared

2024-04-17 21:22:00, Kronika CNA

The murder of Gentian Bejtja/ The witness tells the details: The people were

Journalist Klodiana Lala, through the show Në Shënjestër, clarified the statements of the witness, regarding the murder of Gentian Bejtja.

The witness has shown that he saw several masked people who are suspected to be the criminal group that executed Bejtjan.

 "As soon as I crossed the intersection of the secondary road, on the way to take you to the gas station 'K….', in front of my vehicle I saw two four-wheelers, a black 'Golf' vehicle, model 5 or 6 type new, no license plate on the back, as well as another gray vehicle, whose license plate I could not fix", the witness stated, according to the documentary of the show "Në Shënjestre".

 "What I found further is that there were three people standing near these vehicles and motorcycles. While two others, the driver and the front passenger, were in the black 'Golf' type vehicle. What I was able to distinguish further is that the three people standing on the road next to the motorbikes had the hoods of their sweatshirts on their heads, and they did not take them off for a moment. And they were standing almost next to the 'Golf' type vehicle and were talking to each other", continues his testimony.

The witness stated that at one point he was scared because the Golf was behind him, or at least that's how he felt.

"In this situation I felt scared, and I decided to pass the suspicious vehicles that had stopped on the road. But only after moving about 100 meters, before exiting the main road, I noticed the black 'Golf' type vehicle behind me, flashing its lights. And that he was asking me to open the way and pass forward. That was the last time I saw the black 'Golf' vehicle. After overtaking me, this vehicle increased its speed until the intersection of the main Fushë Krujë-Laç road and then turned right towards Fushë-Krujë," the witness added./ CNA

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