The police of Korça do the

2024-03-02 15:15:00, Kronika CNA

The police of Korça do the

The police of Korça have done "namin" this time, putting under investigation a person who crossed the border with 45 cigarette packs.

He even fined the 50-year-old OM citizen 560,000 lek.

This is a "mega-operation" by the police of Korça, in fact, as it is a serious crime committed by the 50-year-old citizen OM, who crossed the border with 45 cigarettes.

"Specialists for the Investigation of Crimes of DVKM Korçë referred the materials to the Prosecutor's Office where the proceedings began in a free state for the citizen OM, 50 years old, resident of Bilisht, after entering the Republic of Albania, based on the information provided thanks to the cooperation with AMP Korçë and the Customs Service, the services of the Kapshtica Border Police Station have exercised control over the vehicle driven by this citizen, where they found 45 packs of suspected smuggled cigarettes, which were seized as material evidence. Also, the customs authorities have punished the citizen OM, with the administrative measure of ALL 560,000," the announcement states.

This is not the first time that Korca Police conducts such important operations. There are four and other times where people have been investigated or arrested for having cigarette butts, wood or cattle./ CNA

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