Details from the shooting in Pogradec/ The wounded, with criminal records

2024-03-01 17:33:00, Kronika CNA

Details from the shooting in Pogradec/ The wounded, with criminal records

The first details have come to light from the shooting in Pogradec, where one person was injured.

The injured person has been identified as a citizen with the initials AJ, who turns out to be a person with previous criminal records.

He was convicted of robbery with violence and transportation of illegal immigrants.

The wounded man received bullets in his abdomen, hand and leg. He is currently in the Pogradec hospital and his life is out of danger. The author of the event is the citizen with the initials DM

A few months ago, the citizen A. J was raped and ended up in the hospital, but he did not show any person who could suspect.

According to the information, he has several conflicts, while the motive for the wounding by the wanted author is expected to be clarified. It is learned that the author also has a criminal record for injury.

2 bullet casings and a knife sheath were found at the scene. The police have set up roadblocks to find the perpetrator, who fled the scene.

"On 01.03.2024, around 16:30, at the place called "Crossroads of Tushemishti", during a momentary conflict, it is suspected that citizen AJ, about 27 years old, resident of the village of Buçimas, was injured with a firearm. Pogradec, who was taken to the Pogradec hospital for medical assistance, where his life is out of danger.

The Police Services immediately went to the scene and made it possible to identify the suspected author of the incident, citizen DM, 26 years old. Checkpoints have been set up at the entrances and exits of the city, with the aim of catching and bringing the suspected perpetrator to justice.

The investigative group under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office is working to fully clarify the circumstances of this event," the police announcement states./ CNA

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