The double murder in Korça/ Residents: Emiljano, a great boy, his mother took care of the author's father

2024-02-29 09:48:00, Kronika CNA

The double murder in Korça/ Residents: Emiljano, a great boy, his mother

One day after the serious event in Korça, where Emiljano Pine and Ilo Lluka were killed, the residents of the neighborhood have spoken. 

One of the residents said that at the moment the serious incident happened, he sent a cry. She added that Emiliano Pine was a great guy. 

"I was at home when the incident happened. I heard screams, went outside and saw both of them lying on the street. I knew both people. Emiljano was a great boy. Emiljano's mother kept Ilo's father at home for several years and took care for her, since her husband was still alive", said one resident. 

While another resident of the neighborhood said: " I heard crackles last night. I told my wife that they are not fireworks and I did not go out at the moment. When I went out to close the door I saw what had happened. I did not know any of them", he said. 

Off camera, neighbors of Emiliano Pines have revealed that the family was living in a rental. While the father of the author of the incident lived with Emiljano's family for 4 years. Emiljano's mother took care of him due to his physical disabilities and age. According to the residents, Emiljano's father passed away 1 year ago and they continued to live together.

According to sources from the police, it is known that the main track of the investigation remains the inheritance of an apartment owned by the father of the perpetrator of the incident, who wanted to leave it as an inheritance to the caretaker's son.

Ilo Lluka was an immigrant, he lived in Greece and after he found out about his father's decision about the house, he returned from the Greek state and yesterday evening he killed Emiljano Pine and then himself.

The 61-year-old Lluka is known as a user of alcoholic beverages, while forensic expertise has not yet confirmed whether he was under the influence of alcohol at the time he committed the crime. /CNA 


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