Injuries in Fushë Krujë / Police give details

2024-02-28 21:50:00, Kronika CNA
Injuries in Fushë Krujë / Police give details
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The police have released details of the shooting in Fushë-Kruje.

The Blues have confirmed that a 57-year-old man with the initials AG was injured, who was immediately sent to the hospital.

He was shot by the citizen with the initials VM on "Asim Zeneli" street.

"On 28.02.2024, on the street "Asim Zeneli", the citizen VM is suspected of having wounded the citizen AG, 57 years old, who is in the hospital, out of danger for life, with a pistol.

The work to catch the suspected author of the event continues.

The investigative group is working to clarify the circumstances of the event," the police announcement states./ CNA

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