"He had knowledge of 11 murders, he would talk"/ Artan Hoxha tells how the Albanian was executed in Montenegro

2024-02-29 22:59:00, Kronika CNA

"He had knowledge of 11 murders, he would talk"/ Artan Hoxha tells how

Artan Hoxha was invited to the show "The Unexposed" on MCN TV, where he spoke about the murder of Edmond Mustafa in Montenegro, a member of one of the most powerful criminal groups in Montenegro. 

Hoxha said that Mustafa had stated that he knew about 11 murders and that he could talk about them. The journalist also said that this criminal group in which Mustafa participated, but also the suspected author of his murder, has connections with the criminal organizations of Albania. 

"In the show, we tried to show how much the geography of crime has expanded.

In the city of Tivar on Tuesday, an Albanian with a Montenegrin passport was killed, who has been part of the Skaljari group in Montenegro for nine years. In Kotorr, the two most important groups in the Balkans have emerged from that village. There are two very large groups, groups with a long history, heavily involved in drug trafficking. The last events were in Athens, Skopje, Greece, Serbia.

The last event became interesting because the murdered man is Albanian. The character in question has tried to kill himself before, since he was 20 years old. He is a character who, four years ago, made several statements on social networks, saying that he knew how 11 people were killed. In August 2020, his name was mentioned, it also appeared on SkyEcc, where the Montenegrin police and one of the bosses of the Skaljari group mentioned the name of this person, who could pose a threat because he started talking. The authorities apparently did not offer him protection. It looks like a Nuredin Dumani who became repentant.

The killing was done on a busy schedule, at 9 in the morning. It was made near the shop where the victim's sister works. The perpetrator moved on a scooter and was caught quickly. The killer is involved in other events and a person of the same group.

The media in Montenegro have begun to investigate whether there is a connection with Albanian organizations.

In Albania, they used murderers to settle scores with each other. Since we are a border country, we also have business activity with Montenegro, they have also operated in areas such as narcotics and gambling and have had alliances there as well.

But it should be seen that we remember only when there are victims. It is an event that must be seen, there has been recognition in the north of Albania and activity.

Now there are all kinds of variants that try to distract attention, but we are still early, I believe that there will be new information, mainly about the connections of Albanians, in the war that is taking place between organizations in Montenegro", said Hoxha. 

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