Lushnja massacre/ On March 18, the court gives the claim for Laert Haxhiu

2024-02-29 10:49:00, Kronika CNA
Lushnja massacre/ On March 18, the court gives the claim for Laert Haxhiu
Laert Haxhiu

On March 18 at 2:30 p.m., the Special Prosecutor's Office will present the claim for Laert Haxhiu, in connection with the Lushnjë massacre, which happened in September 2017.

In this Thursday's session, the court rejected the request of the defense lawyers regarding their request for the footage. According to the lawyers, an expert report is needed to analyze the footage of the security cameras once again.

Haxhiu's lawyers again asked the court to give them the opportunity to find the address of the witnesses, since they have not been found. In such conditions, the court rejects this request of the lawyers.

The Special Court for Corruption and Organized Crime passed for trial the file in charge of Laert Haxhiu, Orges Bilbili and Anterio Kaloshi, taking the latter as defendants, under accusation of several criminal offenses, among them 'murder in qualifying circumstances' and 'structured criminal group'.

Haxhiu, Bilbili and Kaloshi were accused of being the perpetrators of the Lushnja massacre, where they killed Zamir Latif and Jurgen Hoxha on October 11, 2017 in Lushnja, but the target, Xjulio Shkurti, the nephew of Aldo Bare, the head of the Lushnja gang, was saved.

Marjus Xhepexhiu and Bujar Turku were injured in this assassination attempt. In addition to the charge of murder under qualifying circumstances of one or more persons, Bilbili is accused of "Committing criminal offenses within the criminal group". /CNA 

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