The new track/ What caused the explosion in Lushnja

2024-03-02 12:54:00, Kronika CNA

The new track/ What caused the explosion in Lushnja

New details have emerged from the explosion that happened the day before in Lushnja, where two people lost their lives and 7 others were injured. 

Investigators have ruled out the possibility that the explosion was caused by high voltage. From preliminary investigations, experts suspect that the cause was one of the 2 canisters that were being transported by crane. 

There are 2 cylinders, one with oxygen and the other with argon gas, which in combination are used for cutting and welding in metal structures.

It is learned that an investigative group from the Fier Prosecutor's Office, the State Technical and Industrial Inspectorate, the Anti-Explosive Unit, the Lushnja Police and OShEE engineers are at the scene to clarify the causes.

Babe and son, Roland and Elidion Hoxha, operators, were lifting with a crane the two canisters that would be used for welding on the roof of the warehouse.

The balance of the explosion in Lushnje

Roland Hoxha
Elidion Hoxha

The injured
1- Sajmir Korreshi
2- Sokol Lumi (in serious condition at the Trauma hospital
3- Bujar Çela (SP deputy) in surgery at the Trauma hospital
4- Ervis Sharka
5- Lunedi Golemi
6- Ilia Sota
7- Erigjet Gorovelli / CNA 


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