Decoding the SKY application / Who is the trafficker with the nickname "Pika", who appears in conversations with "Dajlok"

2023-11-30 11:49:00, Kronika CNA
Decoding the SKY application / Who is the trafficker with the nickname
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A few days ago, the Special Prosecutor's Office conducted an operation from which 11 arrest warrants were issued, including police officers and former senior police officers.

From the decoding of the SKY ECC application, the former deputy director of the Tirana police, Erzen Breçani, as well as the crime boss Dedan Gjoni, as well as his son, Eralb Breçani, Ervin Mata and other exponents of the crime who emerged from the wiretapping are being sought. conversations on SKY revealed details of cocaine drug trafficking and those involved in the crime.

Finally, in the Uniko show with the journalist Spartak Koka, communications between Ismail Zeneli with the nickname "Daja-Dajloki-Transporter", Eralbi Breçani with the nickname "Boli-Toni", citizens Besmir Murtati with the nickname "Kukësi" and users with the initials DP with the nickname were published "Barley-Barley Nissan".

Also, the journalist has discovered the identity of one of the members of the group who had the nickname Pika, but who was executed by a mafia assassination in Ecuador.

It is about Ergys Dashin, who was known by the Italian authorities as the organizer of a criminal group in Italy during the years 2014-2017./ CNA


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