29 arrested in 72 hours/ Balla: We hit the dangerous contingent

2023-11-30 11:29:00, Kronika CNA
29 arrested in 72 hours/ Balla: We hit the dangerous contingent
Photos from the arrests

29 people have been arrested only during the last 72 hours in the country and this is a mega-operation that focuses on removing the dangerous contingent from the community.

This is the reaction of the Minister of the Interior Taulant Balla, who refers to the "Temple" and "Rule of Law" operations that have been going on for several days in the country.

"29 arrested and processed in the last 72 hours, in Durrës, Vlora, Elbasan, Kavajë, Tirana, Muriqan and Rinas, within the framework of operations "Tempulli" and "Rule of Law". Operation "Rule of Law" is removing high-risk persons, wanted persons or those who possess illegal weapons from the communities every day. The crackdown on drug growers and distributors continues every day, with the goal of protecting the health of young people and every other citizen from the danger that their use brings. #PaketaeSiguris? the school is closely connected with the operation of the State Police "Tempulli", aiming to clear the security perimeter of the schools from drug dealers" - writes Balla.

More than 100 people have been arrested throughout the country under the handcuffs of the police for illegal possession of weapons or distribution of narcotics from the start of the operation until now./ CNA


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