The massacre of Don Bosco/ The investigation of Ervis Martinaj's friend ends

2023-11-28 12:35:00, Kronika CNA

The massacre of Don Bosco/ The investigation of Ervis Martinaj's friend

The Prosecutor's Office of Tirana has completed the investigations for Nikollë Sherrnik, who is known for his social ties with the much-wanted Justice Ervis Martinaj.

Nikollë Sherrniku is accused of "creating the conditions to commit murder" in relation to the Don Bosco massacre, where the bartender Mimoza Paja was killed during the attack on Fatjon Murat's bar.

Journalist Klodiana Lala has informed that the prosecutor's investigation says that the defendant, while under house arrest, traveled from Albania to Germany, where he got the license plates at a service owned by a citizen from Kosovo. were used in the massacre of Don Bosco.

After the incident with one person killed and 5 injured, the perpetrators burned the vehicle used in the crime in the village of Likmetaj.

According to journalist Klodiana Lala, the vehicle was equipped with a German license plate and investigations revealed that it was Nikollë Sherrniku who, a few months before the massacre, had stolen license plates from the service station in Gladbeg, Germany, which he allegedly handed over to Ervis Martinaj, the king of gambling who was disappear without a trace.

Such a fact is confirmed for the prosecution by an acquaintance of Sherrnik, who claims that while he should have been under house arrest, he traveled to Germany and went to the Auto Gago service where the witness's brother also worked.

Among other things, the witness says that Sherrnik had told him that he would give the license plates to Ervis Martinaj, who was called by the boss".

Sherrnik has denied the accusations and links to the event, but he must now give these accounts to the court.

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