Transporting the bag with cocaine, the Albanian mechanic in Ireland is sentenced to 2 years in prison

2023-11-29 10:14:00, Kronika CNA
Transporting the bag with cocaine, the Albanian mechanic in Ireland is sentenced
Xhavehir Ibraj arrested in Ireland

Xhevahir Ibraj is the Albanian arrested in Ireland for cocaine trafficking and sentenced to 2 years in prison. He was caught by the authorities while he was delivering cocaine worth 139,000 euros, while a police patrol was standing in front of him.

Foreign media reports that 42-year-old Xhevair Ibraj was seen by the police at an intersection on Porterstoën Road taking a bag in his car from a co-accused, where it later turned out that the bag was filled with drugs. He was sentenced by Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

The pair were not under surveillance nor suspected of dealing in narcotics, but it was coincidence that put them in front of a police patrol.

When the authorities approached him and asked him to hand over the bag he had just taken from the other man, Ibraj first handed over a bag of potatoes and then a bag of clothes before the cocaine-filled bag was spotted by the patrol officer.

Another package of cocaine was also found in the car, which, combined with the bag found on Ibraj, is worth 139,000 euros.


The Albanian had no previous convictions, but admitted the guilt for the drugs, while the other person who was arrested with him, during the search of his apartment, a signature bag and other items were found which he could not justify.

The Albanian's lawyer said in the court session that Ibraj is originally from Albania and has lived in Ireland for 14 years with his wife and two children, while he works as a mechanic./ CNA

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