How the assassination attempt on Martin Bardhi happened/ The perpetrators stayed for an hour near the police station with a four-way street

2023-11-29 21:10:00, Kronika CNA


How the assassination attempt on Martin Bardhi happened/ The perpetrators stayed
Marjan Marku alias Martin Bardhi

Marjan Marku alias Martin Bardhi was executed on the morning of September 26 together with 3 other people, while he was sitting in a cafe near the center of Rrëshen and the police station.

As we have seen happen in criminal events, a burnt vehicle was found a few minutes after the murder.

Specifically, a completely burnt Jeep Grande Cherokee four-wheel drive with foreign license plates was found, about 30 meters above the road of Gëziq village.

"On the front of the car, a burnt license plate can be seen on its surface, where the characters AB 139 EA can be seen, while the rear license plate is completely burnt, where the characters AB1 can be seen", the prosecution file states.

Despite the fact that the perpetrators were careful not to leave evidence, a bullet casing was found on the road.

"From the inspection of the interior of the vehicle, in the space between the back seats, a shell like those model 56, caliber 7.62 mm, was found, completely burned and without a capsule. A 'Mercedes-Benz' logo and A6420101630 were found on the oil cap, the same number was also fixed on the rocker arm cover. From the inspection of the vehicle at the scene, it was not possible to fix the identification number (chassis) of the vehicle", it continues.

From the inspection, it turned out that the target cars belonged to another vehicle and had been reported stolen by their owner two years before the crime took place.

"After the license plate of the vehicle was verified in the E-Fine system of the State Police, it turned out that these license plates belonged to the 'Volkswagen' Golf TDI vehicle, owned by a RD citizen, and were declared wanted as a stolen license plate by the Krujë Police Station, on date December 31, 2021", the prosecution declares.

An interesting detail is the fact that the fouristrada was filmed by the cameras of the police station moving in the area at different time intervals, before 4 people were shot dead.

Specifically, they moved near the bar where the crime took place from 9.36 am to 10.39 am and then decided to open fire.

"From the inspection of the security cameras of the Mirditë Police Station, it was established that a vehicle with the same characteristics as the one found burned in the village of Gëziq-Mirditë, off-road, brand 'JEEP', Grand Cherokee type, dark color, the number plates of which are not fixed, and neither are the people inside the vehicle, it passes on the road in front of the Mirdi?a Police Station in the direction of movement from the market in the direction of the victim's bar, in the time intervals 09.36; 10.18; 10.24 and 10.39, where the latter coincides with the time of the event", it is emphasized in the file./ CNA

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