Traffic in Qafë Thane/ Long queues of cars

2024-04-13 20:13:00, Kronika CNA

Traffic in Qafë Thane/ Long queues of cars

This Saturday, there was an influx of exiting vehicles at the Qafë Thana border crossing point.

All this has come about because of the many movements towards the neighboring country, bringing long queues on our side of the border.

Sources near the border station of Qafë Thana inform that during this afternoon the flow has increased, as many Macedonian citizens who have passed through the Albanian cities are returning to their country.

The same sources said that this afternoon the number of Albanians who moved from our country to the neighboring country was high, as they chose Ohrid and Struga to spend the weekend.

Another reason for the creation of long queues is the lack of control personnel from the Macedonian side./ CNA

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