Vjosa Osmani responds to Vučić/ Counts Serbia's provocations one by one

2024-04-22 17:35:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Vjosa Osmani responds to Vu?i?/ Counts Serbia's provocations one by one
The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, has responded to the accusations of the Serbian President, Aleksandër Vucic, at the meeting of the UN Security Council.

Osmani said that Serbia's claims of discrimination are baseless and politically motivated statements.

She listed Serbia's provocations one by one, from the Banjska attack, the weapons and war ammunition seized in the north to the release of the Banjska attackers.

The president underlined that it is not Kosovo that has put pressure on the Serbs living in the north, but it is Serbia itself that has put them under pressure.

"Let me clarify, Serbia's claims of ethnic cleansing and persecution of Serbs in Kosovo are false, unfounded and politically based. Kosovo institutions not only protect the rights of the Kosovo Serb community, but promote an inclusive society where everyone can be included. About 500,000 Serbs have left Serbia in recent years according to Eurostat during the Vucic regime, this should show who the Serbs are really leaving.

Kosovo Serbs are under pressure, but not from the government of Kosovo, but from the government of Serbia," Osmani declared, among other things./ CNA

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