"I am dissatisfied"/ Head of UNMIK, reservation for Kosovo and Serbia

2024-04-22 16:47:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

"I am dissatisfied"/ Head of UNMIK, reservation for Kosovo and Serbia

The head of the United Nations mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), Caroline Ziadeh, has expressed reservations towards Serbia and Kosovo regarding the progress of the dialogue between the two countries, during her speech at the UN Security Council.

Ziadeh said that there is mainly dissatisfaction with the level of progress in the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and the consequences that he said this has on the security situation.

"One of the key observations is the dissatisfaction with the level of progress that has been achieved through political dialogue and the direct consequences this has for the security situation. The level of mistrust is unfortunately high", she said, stressing that last month "tensions have increased and the main explanation is the impossibility of dealing with the prevailing issues through dialogue".

The head of UNMIK also stopped at yesterday's vote in the north, which failed due to the Serb boycott.

"This unfortunately now sets the stage for the prolongation of a fragile and unresolved situation. From our point of view, we will continue to support the dialogue to find a consensual solution to the issues that have remained unresolved", said Ziadeh, further mentioning the incident in Banjska.

"I continue to emphasize the pursuit of responsibility for this very serious security incident, through fact-based investigations and assessment of the circumstances. This is a judicial matter, but also a political necessity in order to avoid such repeated cases", she said.

Ziadeh urged the parties to work together to find practical solutions as soon as possible./ CNA

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