Tens of thousands evacuated from massive flooding in China

2024-04-22 08:03:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Tens of thousands evacuated from massive flooding in China

Authorities have evacuated around 60,000 people from their homes in Guangdong after days of heavy rain caused massive flooding in China's most populous province.

Eleven people are missing, while no casualties have been reported so far.

Images in state media and online show large areas of flooded land.

Several large rivers have burst their banks and authorities are closely monitoring "dangerously high" water levels.

They had warned that the level of a river in northern Guangdong could reach a peak "once in 100 years" on Monday morning, although this had not yet materialized by midday.

Tens of thousands evacuated from massive flooding in China

Most of Guangdong is part of the low-lying Pearl River Delta, which is prone to flooding due to watershed flooding, sea level rise, and storm surges.

The Delta is a major manufacturing base in China and one of the country's most densely populated regions, with Guangdong alone home to some 127 million people.

The provincial capital Guangzhou as well as the smaller cities of Shaoguan and Heyuan were among the hardest hit.

Across the province, an estimated 1.16 million households lived in the dark over the past week.

Flights have been canceled and delayed at Baiyun International Airport in the capital Guangzhou due to persistent rain, while schools have been ordered to close in at least three cities.

Dozens of houses across the province have either collapsed or been severely damaged, with authorities estimating a direct economic loss of nearly 140.6 million yuan ($19.8 million)./ CNA

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