Germany and Britain capture several suspected Chinese spies

2024-04-22 17:20:35, Kosova & Bota CNA

Germany and Britain capture several suspected Chinese spies

Germany and Britain on Monday arrested several suspected Chinese spies who are accused of passing classified information to Beijing, as concerns grow in the West about aggressive Chinese espionage.

In Germany, investigators have arrested three German citizens, in the west of the country, on suspicion of having distributed information about marine technology, the prosecutors announced in a communique.

The three people – identified as Herwig F., Ina F., and Thomas R. – are accused of participating in a data collection project, funded by Chinese state agencies, and of illegally exporting a laser to China. , AFP reports.

In Britain, two men have been charged with providing China with "articles, notes, documents or information" between 2021 and last year.

Police have identified the men as Christopher Berry, 32, and Christopher Cash, 29, who previously worked at the UK Parliament as a researcher.

The pair, who were discovered in Britain on Monday, are accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act 1911, and will appear in a London court on Friday.

The arrests in Germany and the charges in Britain come amid repeated Western warnings that Chinese intelligence services have targeted advanced technologies.

Germany's Minister of Defense, Nancy Faeser, has warned of the "considerable risk posed by Chinese espionage in business, industry and science".

"The area affected in the current case - innovative technologies from Germany, which can be used for military purposes - is particularly sensitive", Faeser announced./ REL

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