Hezbollah fires rockets at an Israeli base

2024-02-27 10:11:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Hezbollah fires rockets at an Israeli base
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Lebanese militant group Hezbollah said it fired a barrage of rockets at an Israeli air control base on February 27 in response to a deadly Israeli airstrike in eastern Lebanon.

Hezbollah, which is an ally of Hamas - the Palestinian group designated a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union - has exchanged fire with the Israeli army on a daily basis since the war in Gaza began in October. However, the airstrikes have mainly been limited to the border area.

Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran, said it targeted "the Meron air control base... with rocket barrages from several rocket launchers".

The group said the rockets were fired in response to Israel's first strikes of the war in eastern Lebanon.

Israel has targeted Hezbollah targets near the town of Balbek, killing two fighters. The Israeli military said it attacked Hezbollah's air defenses after the Lebanese group shot down an Israeli drone.

In response, Hezbollah had already fired 60 rockets at an Israeli air base in the annexed Golan Heights on Monday.

Crossfires on the border since October have killed at least 284 people on the Lebanese side, most of them Hezbollah fighters. According to AFP agency data, 44 civilians were also killed.

On the Israeli side, ten soldiers and six civilians were killed, according to the Israeli army./ REL 

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