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The Slovak Prime Minister warns of escalation of tensions with Russia

2024-02-27 09:16:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
The Slovak Prime Minister warns of escalation of tensions with Russia
Robert Fico

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico warned against a "dangerous escalation of tensions" with Russia. The background of this statement is related to the Conference of Supporters of Ukraine in Paris, whose agenda "makes you tremble to the core with fear", the head of the left-wing nationalist government told reporters in Bratislava.

After the signals of uncertainty related to the war in Ukraine, which appeared at the Munich Security Conference two weeks ago, the French president invited the heads of state and government of the EU to Paris for a solidarity conference with Ukraine.

Macron believes that the West must give Russia a clear signal that it wants to repel Russian aggression and that under no circumstances will it allow Ukraine to fail or surrender.

Risk of conflict escalation

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said certain countries, which he did not want to name, were apparently ready to send their soldiers directly to Ukraine. According to the Slovak Prime Minister, such a thing would not convince Russia to surrender, but on the contrary, it would certainly increase the risk of conflict expansion.

Unlike countries further from the war zone, Slovakia, which directly borders Ukraine, could possibly be directly threatened, Fico warned. Therefore, sending its soldiers to the neighboring country is not even discussed for his government.

Fico: There is no "military solution" to the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Fico recalled that Slovakia no longer has air defense because it has given both the S-300 air defense missile system and its MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. It is indisputable that the Russian attack on Ukraine was a clear violation of international law.

But the previous military strategy of the West has not led to the liberation of the occupied territories. There is no "military solution" to the conflict. Instead, a group of EU states should try to start talks with Russia. This is the only way to save Ukraine from more destruction and death and prevent the spread of war, said Fico.

Macron: Russia must not win the war

During the aid conference for Ukraine that is taking place in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron called for more weapons and resources for Ukraine. "The overall conclusion today is that the security of all of us is at risk," Macron said at the Élysée Palace in front of 20 heads of state and government, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Russia's position is strengthening both politically and on the Ukrainian front, where there is a risk of new Russian attacks. /DW

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