The House of Representatives expels legislator George Santos

2023-12-01 19:24:11, Kosova & Bota CNA

The House of Representatives expels legislator George Santos

House lawmakers voted to expel their colleague George Santos, who has been indicted for corruption and misappropriation of campaign funds.

Lawmakers backed his immediate impeachment by a 311-114 vote, ending the New York Republican's short career in the House of Representatives.

Shortly before the vote, House Speaker Mike Johnson said he would vote against the impeachment, an aide announced.

The 35-year-old Santos has stirred controversy since he was elected in November 2022. He has admitted to lying about his biography, and federal investigators accuse him of embezzling campaign funds and defrauding donors.

Mr. Santos has declared that he is innocent of all these charges.

Lawmaker Santos had survived two previous impeachment votes.

But a report published by the Ethics Committee in the House of Representatives in November, after a months-long investigation, caused new reactions from lawmakers.

The report contained extensive criticism of Mr. Santos, saying he "has attempted to profit financially through fraud from every aspect of his legislative candidacy."

Lawmaker Santos faces 23 charges, including stealing the identities of his campaign donors and then using their credit cards for unauthorized expenses worth tens of thousands of dollars./ VOA

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