Security in Kosovo/ Ambassador: I sleep comfortably at night, I know that NATO is there

2023-12-01 11:36:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Security in Kosovo/ Ambassador: I sleep comfortably at night, I know that NATO

The Ambassador of the United States of America, Jeffrey Hovenier, during an interview at T7, spoke about the situation between Kosovo and Serbia.

Hovenier has stated that any source of instability in the region is being closely monitored.

According to the ambassador, the NATO Alliance is very committed to the security of Kosovo and the fact that hundreds of American soldiers are part of this mission and have leading roles, Hovenier says that from the security point of view, he sleeps peacefully at night.  

" We follow very closely a series of things that could be a source of instability in the region. And of course, we have often spoken publicly when we were concerned about the specific military deployment around the border area. And that continues to be something that we follow closely. But I would also say that one of the ways we express how seriously we take this is our long-term commitment to the security of Kosovo, which is best expressed through the KFOR mission and the US participation in it.

We believe that NATO is the most successful military alliance in the history of mankind. That's a very, very strong statement, but I stand by it. And the fact that you have a NATO mission in Kosovo, with the responsibility to provide a calm and safe environment and to enable freedom of movement is an indicator, a very, very strong commitment of the international community and our commitment to the security of Kosovo .

The fact that you have several hundred American soldiers as part of this mission in leadership roles supporting this is another reflection of how seriously the United States takes this. So, I still sleep quite comfortably at night knowing that NATO is there, knowing that there are American soldiers in NATO and knowing that they are capable of dealing with any security threats that may arise," the ambassador said. CNA

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