The worthless survey of the Zaloshnja revivalist

2023-02-22 11:48:00, Editorial CNA

The worthless survey of the Zaloshnja revivalist

Eduard Zaloshnja yesterday published his next poll with a sample, on the topic "How many votes do they get in Tirana, Veliaj, Këlliçi and Shehi", for which he released his results for the Municipality of Tirana.

But the surprise lies in the fact that Eduard Zaloshnja, more as an expert, has functioned as a revivalist.

First, due to the fact that he, as champion, received 3 candidates, of which 1 is not running.

Secondly, it takes care that the result of Erion Veliaj is deep and with a visible difference for the public.

The worthless survey of the Zaloshnja revivalist

In fact, the renaissance, Zaloshnja has simply shown that the Tirana race is not as simple as it seems.

This is due to the fact that the votes of Belind Kelliçi and Dashamir Shehi go together to 45% and it is known that the campaign always raises the opposition.

The worthless survey of the Zaloshnja revivalist

Erion Veliaj does not seem to be a big surprise at the 55% figures with the state of the opposition. Without talking further about some other candidates in the race, Arjan Galdini or Lajla Përnaska, who simply help the incumbent mayor in this race.

Rilindasi Zaloshnja simply showed us that the difference between Veliaj and the opposition is somewhere around 10%, which is neither scary, nor big, nor irreversible, otherwise there would be no reason to divide the opposition representation into two names, one of of which it is not at all in competition./ CNA.al

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