The author of the photo

2023-12-05 14:47:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE

The author of the photo

The public liar, Aldor Nini, tried to use an opposition media, which he serves to clean his image, which is not dirty, but is already tarnished after the accusations of persecution and his arrest some time ago.

Nini used "Syri TV" as a propaganda stage where he sought to do laundry, polluted by the truth and the criminal charges that weigh on him. He lied publicly and admitted that he had served as Erion Veliaj's mercenary, allegedly in the name of protecting the author of this photo, which we are republishing below.

The author of the photo

Aldor Nini a few years ago reported the use of this photo on behalf of Erion Veliaj and the Socialist Party with the claim of copyright, while he never made available to CNA his contract with the author of the photo and the person who had taken it the shot.

The photo is not a lost wallet that CNA found on the street, it is an image of a politician, published on his social networks, published on the official website of the SP.

And Aldor Nini, yesterday a kamikaze and servant of Erion Veliaj and the SP, today wants to clean the image in the washroom of the opposition "Syri TV". He thinks he can lie and wash away his role as a political kamikaze of Veliaj and the SP against free speech and the opposition media.

There is no Çim Peka with or without "Sy", Rakip exposed or not, Armand Shkullaku with a pencil or pen in hand that can wash away Aldor Nin, not only from the criminal accusations of persecution, but from his actions against free speech and abusing copyright.

Today, after more than 4 years, Aldor Nini has not yet made available to CNA the author's contract that he claims, while we still have the photo published on the official website of the SP.

We finally clarify the media lullaby of the Renaissance, misused politically, that political parties are paid from the funds of the state budget, from the taxes of Albanian citizens. Politicians in office, like the case of Veliaj, are officials who are paid by Albanian citizens.

The photographers used by the parties, municipalities, deputies, mayors, are people employed in the administration who are paid by the taxes of the Albanians to take those photos, which are for the public, in the service of the public. And the media serves to inform the latter.

The photo of the politician is paid for by citizens' taxes and Aldor Nini must learn this once and for all, just as every Albanian will learn his truth very quickly without banning abuses in the name of copyright and this has only happened with CNA in one case, not only with Anila Basha as he claims for the rosy stories, but he was denounced by the opposition, he was denounced by singers, he was denounced by journalists, because Aldor Nini was for a long time an instrument in politics and the whip that is used against the media with an opposition voice, even against those who today want to publicly wash away the persecutor Aldor Nini, who pretends to cry for the law, but violates and abuses it./ CNA

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