Basha lunch with the Gjana Commission and a victory on June 14

19 Maj 2021, 09:34, Politikë CNA

Lulzim Basha gathered yesterday in a very demonstrative way the Election Commission of the Democratic Party headed by Jemin Gjana and some members proposed by him for a lunch in a well-known restaurant in Tirana.

Almost three weeks before the elections, where Basha will run again after losing 4 times the elections, again on the stage will be his chosen one, to cover this process, and a commission already completely manipulated. And this is because this commission will only seal a formal certification, where Lulzim Basha will win with 90 percent of the votes out of 60.000 votes.

His rival will get 4000-5000 votes. But there may be even less. But such will be the result, when in reality the turnout does not exceed 15000-16000 voters.

Basha will not get more than 13000-14.000 votes, and will try to show that in the DP there are also voices against him. In fact, he criticizes, attacks and accuses any criticism and opinion against him. But yesterday?s act is another signal, that of a manipulated process, a real farce, and that shows that the DP is not democratized, doesn’t open up or change.

And a political force that cannot be democratized, cannot open within it, and doesn?t change for it several times, how can it claim to defeat the opponent and change the government or even Albania? How can he claim to tell Edi Rama leave because you stole the election, when in fact he steals the votes in his party?

It is already a fact that there are some electoral processes manipulated in the DP, since the Basha-Olldashi race, when was done everything to bring out Lulzim Basha as a winner, even by buying votes. Not to mention the removal of thousands of Democrats from the voter lists in structures within DP.

Then there was the process in front of Eduard Selami, where participated only 15.000 democrats in total, even though it was stated that the number was almost 60.000. Selami was given a few more votes, it was declared as an honest process, when in fact it was not been such.

Basha has stated since the first day that he will not resign even if the DP receives only 5 percent of the vote. What he meant by this, we still don?t know. He also stated that the chair of leader of the Democratic Party was not given to him as a gift.

Maybe he bought this post. Maybe he has some other sins on his back. But the fact is that every time the foreign ambassadors go to his office, when he tells them about any problem he has with Sali Berisha, he goes out on the balcony. So the Democratic Party chairman is scared in his office.

And yesterday maybe he was afraid to stay in his office with the Gjana Commission. He was afraid that the walls of his offices would have ?ears?. So he was forced to take the whole commission to a restaurant. But what would happen if Edi Rama had lunch with the head of the CEC Ilirjan Celibashi in the middle of Tirana 3 weeks before the elections?

What would be the reaction of Lulzim Basha? What does mean for each candidate in the race, Fatbardh Kadilli or any other? Can anyone enter the race, when he learns that Lulzim Basha has lunch with the election commission?

Basha has decided to take hostage this political force, even with the help of Sali Berisha if necessary. Today he is making fun of the Democrats. He will stay at the helm of the DP at all costs, and for this he will use a commission that will give us a farcical result, a farcical election procedure and a farcical victory of Lulzim Basha, which is in fact Edi Rama?s guarantee for fourth term./CNA.al

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