"My grandmother made me watch porn"/ The teenager denounces: I was abused when I was 6 years old by my cousin

2022-10-25 13:52:00, Sociale CNA

"My grandmother made me watch porn"/ The teenager denounces: I was

The story of an 18-year-old man, who was sexually abused when he was only 6 years old by his aunt's son, was made public today on the show "Me szër aptar" on "News 24".

The 18-year-old confessed that he was raped since he was 6 years old when his grandmother forced him and showed him pornographic movies on TV.

He said that in one case the grandfather had seen the situation and had not reacted. But on the other hand, in a phone call, the accused cousin claimed that such a thing was not true.

In the show, his mother also testified, who says and shows the sacrifices and problems that followed the event, stating that she was forced to leave her son at the age of 4 with her ex-husband's people. In addition to the psychological consequences, the boy's mother says that all this has also affected her son's sexual preferences.

On the other hand, the family members from the boy's father's side, more specifically his aunts, categorically deny that something like this happened, also due to the fact that the abuser has already created his own family. They blame the boy's mother and the people they claim brought his mother into the house.


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