There is no news from the meeting Paloka - Alibeaj

2022-10-18 19:04:00, Satire Politike Ylli Dylgjeri
There is no news from the meeting Paloka - Alibeaj
Illustrative photo

It is said that it will continue with a return match.

After the meeting, only the coffee cups remain on the table. Even the news only came from coffee cups.

Paloka's espresso coffee cup and Alibeaj's Turkish coffee cup were confiscated from the press.

Only the one with the Turkish coffee was seen.

Journalists rushed to the cup of Turkish coffee to find out what was at the bottom of it. They overthrew him, and in the meantime they connected with the fortune teller, mother Tahira.

The fortune teller immediately promised that I will only see the fortune teller online.

That's how it happened.

After 5 minutes, the cup was raised and the lenses of the journalists' cameras were opened.

Fortune teller Tahire begins with the confession:

This one tells me that: it seems as if a stranger loves you and has taken you under her patronage, but they are not doing anything... because your heart is black with an old story in the family.

A person named Y talks bad about you.

You have a long way to go on Friday.

2 birds and 1 angry snake look above your head

You chatted with a relative of yours.

To the right I see an iceberg...frost.

A female person with long brown hair is interested in you.

This is what the cup says...



Lajmet e fundit nga