Alcohol-free beer without a bill/ How Capt. Fania found a solution to fiscal evasion

2022-08-11 14:24:00, Satire Politike CNA
Alcohol-free beer without a bill/ How Capt. Fania found a solution to fiscal
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Fania sold beer without a receipt, a Tax audit said. Yes, the captain found the solution to fiscal evasion. When they told him that from the inspection, it turned out that a lot of goods were passed without documents, he shouted at first.

- I told them, it should be stolen, yes, and no trace should be left.

To accomplish this, a famous initiative was launched across the globe. Captains initiative. He titled it:

"Beer without alcohol = beer without a bill"

He held a two-month seminar with the emphasis that every car seized with goods is invalidated as a bottle without alcohol, that is, a bottle filled with tap water.

- Yes, and with water, there should be a bill, they said.

Yes, Captain Fania found the place:

- We have filled the bottles with water, ready to wash them, - you will explain.

After that, the workers asked when their insurance will be paid because since 2019, Fania has not paid any money.

- We have solved this. From today you will only work at night. There will be no one in the factory during the day. And you will put blankets on the windows so that no light can be seen from afar. That's how we solved this too. We don't pay because we don't have anyone at work.

That's all he said and saw himself in the office mirror.

- You are wise, byrazer, something that remains a caper all your life./ CNA.al

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