Kristi unsure about the relationship with Casey / "I'm not in love"

2023-03-11 08:19:00, Lifestyle CNA

Kristi unsure about the relationship with Casey / "I'm not in

The relationship between Krist Aliajt and Keisi Meidini seems to be turning into a soap opera.

This happened after Sabinat entered Big Brother Vip, which hardened the relationship between the couple after 24 hours of observation by the latter.

Kristi still seems to be on the fence about his relationship with Casey as he still doesn't consider her his girlfriend.

In a conversation with Luiz, he confirmed this.

Kristi said they have romantic interest in each other but it's still not called love.

Kristi: Our relationship has been seen differently.

Luizi: Do you only feel love when you're hungry?

Kristi: I'm interested when the moment comes.

Luizi: Has this moment come for you to tell yourself I'm in love?

Kristi: Not for love, it's too serious, the moment hasn't come yet.

Luizi: Am I serious?

Kristi: In this case, it's too early to say that I have love for Casey. This is because I value love very much.

What we have is a situation that is going very well in our acquaintance, we have romantic interest and if we continue like this we can create a serious relationship where love is a part./ CNA.al




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