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The 20 photos of Luana Vjollca that "conquered" the network/ The early days when Luana Vjollca "conquered" Albanians with her forms

2022-08-03 11:51:00, Lifestyle CNA
The 20 photos of Luana Vjollca that "conquered" the network/ The early
Moderator Luana Vjollca

Luana Vjollca is one of the most commented and followed moderators on social networks. She started her career on television when she was a teenager, appearing in front of the screen as a veil, in the investigative show Fiks Fare.

Then Vjollca climbed the career ladder, becoming the author of her own program, "Shiko kush Luan".

She also realized one of her passions, which was music, continuing her mother's dream.

But the moderator was not only commented on the achievements in her career, but also on her appearance.

She often finds herself in front of critics, who shoot her for plastic surgery, which Vjollca herself has denied wherever she has been asked about them.

There are times when she chooses to amaze all her followers with photos where she appears in a minimalist bikini, thus showing her perfect forms, which are commented on so much in the media.

We have selected some of the photos where Luana appears in a bikini, which have almost conquered the network with comments and likes.

Follow the gallery below./ AE-CNA.al

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