"Like a sugar ball"/ Megi Pojani's sister 'furious' the network, half of 'him' outside

2022-08-01 09:28:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Like a sugar ball"/ Megi Pojani's sister 'furious' the
Ina Pojani

The influencer Ina Pojani, the sister of Megi Pojani, is one of the most followed girls on "Instagram", where she has a total of 132 thousand "followers".

Ina does not hesitate to share various videos and photos with her followers from time to time, provoking with bombastic lines.

Recently, she posted a photo from her vacation wearing a pink bikini, while her private parts are also visible.

This has not escaped even the sympathizers who point out as they go: I got half out of it. /ET-CNA.al

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