The wine you choose reveals your personality

2023-03-12 16:07:00, Kuriozitete CNA

The wine you choose reveals your personality

According to the results of the study by the Universities of Verona and Macerata, about 1,200 people, between the ages of 18 and 87, have compiled a test that investigates the five basic dimensions of personality: extroversion, friendliness, emotional stability, conscientiousness and how open-minded one is.

In addition, they told the researchers about their favorite wines.

Cabernet or Chianti?

The study concluded that emotional drinkers can appreciate full-bodied reds like Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon, and that keeping an open mind can lead to wines with persistent flavors and rich in tannins (polyphenols, present in higher concentrations).

Finally, extroverts tend to prefer acidic wines, such as Champagne or Chianti, but may also like tannic ones.

Finally, friendly people prefer wines with high alcohol content. Studies have shown that consciousness alone is not associated with a particular bias./ CNA.al

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