The document that recognizes the Arber language as an official language alongside Italian in Calabria is revealed

2024-04-09 20:46:00, Kulturë CNA

The document that recognizes the Arber language as an official language

Activist Brizida Gjikondi has shared on her social network Facebook, the first official document issued by the civil status of Frasnita Municipality, in two languages: Arbëresh and Italian.  

Gjikondi writes that on the basis of this official certificate, the Arbëresh population that extends to the seven regions with historical population has the right to use the native language.

"In Frashineto, Italy, the first official document in the Arbian language is issued!

Frasnita Arbëreshe an important step for the protection of the local language!

The Municipality of Frasnit?\Frashineto e The first Arber municipality in Calabria, which has put the Arber language into administrative use, as an official language alongside Italian.

On March 30, 2024, on the occasion of the promotion of the book of the popular poet Maria Marku, from Katundi Eianina ngulim arbëresh in Calabria, the first certificate issued by the civil status in two languages ??was handed over to her in a symbolic form; Arabic and Italian.

The possibility to compile and use such a certificate is given by the Italian law 482\99.

Based on this law, the Arbëresh population, which extends to the seven regions with historical population, has the right to use their mother tongue. In this law, 10 thousand Arber women of Turin are excluded, as well as any Arber women who are not residents of the seven provinces with a historical minority population.

This event is a step towards that path for the revival of the Arber language, the local language, as well as opens a green light for other Arber municipalities to promote their local language to arrive at the common language of the 52 Arber settlements.

This event was achieved with the approval of the Mayor of Frasnitsa, Mr. Angelo Catapano, the adviser on the Arberian language and culture, Mr. Caterina Adducci, and the tireless, persistent, defender of the local language of the Arberian, Professor Agostino Giordano, who is the founder of the only newspaper written in Arabic, Jeta Arbëreshe, and which continues to work with flesh and soul to keep this language alive.

Today, in a way, all those Albanians who were born and grew up in Frascineto, who now belong to the sky today are surely in this cosmos like those fireflies that spread the spring.

Even Father Bellusci was saddened, two tears fell from his eyes when he finally saw this certificate realized.

The Arbëresh world, although shrunk, is presented;

Conservator of an archaic language of yesterday,

Today's Word Processor,

Comparative of an etymology of tomorrow,

Although in miniature she is a fanatic of the roots of the soul as well as of the arboreal word

so that they do not all become, smell, smoke, but remain breath.

...To revive this community you have to start from that dose of identity hummus that is left,

Then sprinkle it with the conscience of being an arborist, which is summed up in the thesis: "To speak as our mother and father teach us."

Arbëresh are like the phoenix

They come back to life even when they look burnt!

I close these lines with the hope that other municipalities in Calabria and other provinces will follow this example!"/ CNA

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