Nata e Kadri/ How to cook halva with walnuts

2024-04-05 11:03:00, Kulturë CNA

Nata e Kadri/ How to cook halva with walnuts

Today is the Night of Qadr and according to the Islamic religion, fasting on this day is considered as valid as a thousand months, about 84 years.

The night of Qadr marks the descent of the Qur'an to earth and the beginning of the writing of the holy book.

In this night, great importance is given to worship, obedience to God, prayer, remembrance, prayers and charity.

However, cooking halva has also returned to tradition. Halva must be made before the new day's sun rises, and shared with other people, in memory of those who are no longer alive.

Below we bring you the recipe how to prepare it.


1 glass of flour

half a glass of sugar

700 ml of hot water

a handful of walnuts

2 spoons of butter


Prepare the sherbet by bringing the water mixed with the sugar to a boil over medium heat. Meanwhile, in a non-stick pan, melt the butter and pour it into the flour. Fry until the flour turns a caramel color. Then, add the sherbet when it is ready and mix well until you get a homogeneous dough without grains. Add the coarsely chopped walnuts and continue mixing until the dough completely pulls away from the sides of the bowl, forming a ball. With the help of the spoon soaked in water, create shapes with the halva. Allow to cool completely before consuming./ CNA

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