Many immigrants speak German at home

2024-02-22 08:38:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Many immigrants speak German at home

Even those of foreign origin usually speak German at home. This applies to more than three quarters of people from this population group, the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis) announced on the occasion of International Mother Language Day on February 21.

Almost a quarter (about 24 percent) of the approximately 20.2 million people living in Germany of foreign origin spoke only German at home in 2022. More than half (almost 54 percent) communicated at home in at least one another language, which means that at least two languages ??are spoken at home.

Many immigrants speak German at home

Apart from German, they mostly speak Turkish

As for the prevalence of other languages ??at home, according to recent studies, almost 23 percent of people communicate at home using one or more other languages. In homes where other languages ??are also used, Turkish is spoken most often - 14 percent. Next comes Russian with about 12 percent, Arabic with ten percent, Polish with seven, English with six and Romanian with five percent. It is therefore about the percentage of homes where two or more languages ??are spoken.

There are clear differences between the first and second generation of newcomers. 27 percent of immigrants who came to Germany a long time ago and are considered the first generation of foreigners in this country do not speak German. While in the second generation, this only applies to nine percent. According to Destatis, a person has an immigration history if he or both parents came to Germany from 1950 onwards.

If all private households in Germany are taken into account, almost 79 percent of people spoke only German at home in 2022. Almost 16 percent used at least one other language, the Federal Statistics Office reported./ DW

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