Hand grenade attack on the house of a Serb in Kosovo

2023-09-23 12:31:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Hand grenade attack on the house of a Serb in Kosovo

The Kosovo Police has announced that in the early hours of September 22, a hand grenade was thrown in the yard of a Serb in the village of Ranilluk.

In the 24-hour report of the Police, published on September 23, it is said that material damage was caused to the victim's house as a result of the explosion.

The police said that there were no injuries, but that the case is being investigated.

Ranilluku is located near the city of Gjilan.

An attack with a hand grenade was also reported on September 21 in North Mitrovica.

The Minister of the Interior of Kosovo, Xhelal Sveçla, has said that the attack in the north was a sign of revolt for the arrest of three Serbs, under suspicion of war crimes.

The three Serbs were arrested on September 20 in the north.

The Office for Kosovo in the Government of Serbia and Lista Serbe - the main party of the Serbs in Kosovo - have described the arrests as "politically motivated".

Regarding the grenade attacks, the American ambassador to Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, also reacted on September 22.

"Deeply shocked by the reports of the use of explosive devices in some parts of Kosovo. We condemn these acts of violence and call on the authorities to carry out detailed investigations and bring the perpetrators to justice," said Hovenier on the X network - formerly known as Twitter.

The European Union has also reacted to the attack in the north, saying that it is observing the situation very carefully.

Tensions in the north have been high since May, when the residents of the northern municipalities with a Serbian majority did not accept the new Albanian mayors, even though they boycotted the election process.

The situation, on occasion, has escalated into violence./ REL

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