German government debates Chinese 5G technology

2023-09-22 09:03:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

German government debates Chinese 5G technology

A German government spokesman urged caution in the debate over the use of components from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE in Germany's 5G mobile network. "There is no decision here from the German government," the spokesman said on Wednesday about the Federal Ministry of the Interior's considerations to completely ban its use in the basic 5G network until 2026. "Even now in the expansion of the 5G network " has high and strict standards for the use of critical components." This differentiated approach has proven effective in the opinion of the Digital Ministry.

The federal government will now debate whether further measures are needed, he said. "At the same time, it must be taken into account that the national coverage with stable, fast and affordable mobile internet remains secure", emphasized the spokesperson of the FDP-led ministry. Moreover, network operators must maintain the ownership of their network and no dependencies should be created.

The SPD-led Interior Ministry wants to ban the use of critical components from both Chinese manufacturers in the 5G core network from January 1, 2026. In the so-called access and transport network, network operators such as Deutsche Telekom or Vodafone must also, based in these considerations, to significantly limit the constituent share of both companies to an average of 25% until October 1, 2026.

A matter of "national security"

The German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock (Greens) stated at the UN General Assembly in New York that "the need to protect our critical infrastructure is evident". This was already outlined in the China strategy and also in the National Security Strategy, she said in response to a question from DW on Wednesday (local time). "Security is not only the ability to defend oneself with weapons and military actions, but also - in times of digitization - to protect critical infrastructures," she continued.

For that reason, she said, dialogue is taking place with telecommunications providers "about how we can guarantee that." New York is a good place to learn from others, Baerbock said. "Yesterday, for example, I spoke with Australia, which has very good experience in securing its telecommunications network, even with 5G. This is how we want to handle this issue in Germany as well."

Telecommunications companies see their mobile network supply at risk

German Telecom called the plan "unrealistic". Furthermore, German customers would suffer a loss of quality if components were removed unnecessarily.

The O2 network's parent company, Telefónica Deutschland, also insisted on longer transition periods. This was essential to maintain the quality and performance of the network. "For a necessary retroactive network reorganization, Telefónica would also study claims for damages against the Federal Republic of Germany." In addition, the company reserves the right to have a court review a possible decision to ban components or suppliers. However, the impact of a ban on the core network would be small for Telefónica, because it had already decided in 2020 to build the new core network exclusively with Ericsson components. Vodafone said: "We need to find a way that optimally protects Germany's digital infrastructure,

Kina kritikon planet gjermane

Ministria e Jashtme e Kinës ka kritikuar një braktisje të mundshme nga Gjermania të teknologjisë kineze 5G. "Ne gjithmonë kemi kundërshtuar – pavarësisht nga vendi – politizimin e çështjeve që lidhen me ekonominë, tregtinë, shkencën dhe teknologjinë”, deklaroi të enjten në Pekin zëdhënësi Mao Ning. Me këtë ai po i përgjigjej një pyetjeje në lidhje me një ndalim të mundshëm të produkteve nga kompania kineze e teknologjisë Huawei në Gjermani. Kina beson se të gjitha vendet duhet të ofrojnë një klimë biznesi të drejtë, jodiskriminuese dhe transparente për kompanitë e tyre.

The Chinese Embassy in Berlin said on Thursday (21.09.2023) that "if the German government really decides to act in this direction without proving that Chinese products pose a threat to Germany, we will not sit idly by," the Embassy said in a statement sent by email to the Reuters agency.

"If Germany were to unjustifiably exclude Chinese companies, this would not only constitute a violation of the principle of fair competition, but would also harm Chinese companies and Germany itself," the Chinese Embassy said.

The email further stated that Huawei and ZTE have long been operating in Germany in accordance with German laws. /DW

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