"Tender to receive"/ The journalist denounces the Vetting scandal

2022-10-30 12:05:00, Vetingu CNA

"Tender to receive"/ The journalist denounces the Vetting scandal

Vetting officials, in other words, can also be called luxury officials from the salaries they receive and the benefits that the post gives them.

For them, luxury knows no bounds regardless of how they did the job and what effect they had on the justice system.

Vetting commissioners have opened a tender to buy toilet paper.

So citizens should pay so that they don't suffer for toilet paper.

Journalist Arsen Rusta, who has denounced this scandal, reminds you that it is a time of crisis.

"A tender to receive" is what Rusta calls it, in a social network post which we are bringing below.

"Tender to receive"/ The journalist denounces the Vetting scandal

"Vetting does not have toilet paper!

me? Popo: I continue to belong to that part of society which thought Vetting was something right.

Some decisions have been completely inappropriate by the KPK and KPA troops. The postulate says that when justice speaks, one must remain silent. In fact, it would be nice NOT.

Now Kolltuku knows that vetting has run out of toilet paper??? How can you!!!

Because no company participates in the tender.

Thank you for a good thing. Let them suffer a little.

With the conditions we have created? The wages you get? The official vehicles you use for yourself and your family!! You don't have anything left from your salary to buy toilet paper with your money?

Yes, it's war time, brother amani! Crisis time! How can you bill the people for this expense that, after you have broken their trust, you are asking them to wipe out their debts.

Tender to receive", writes Rusta. /CNA.al

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