Around Europe... in 24 hours/ The new travel trend of Albanians

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Around Europe... in 24 hours/ The new travel trend of Albanians

After passing the passport control at the Rinas airport, Anila Miraku thought that she still had time for a coffee, until boarding her plane opened.

It was 05:30 and she was leaving at 06:10 for Pisa, Italy. Together with her friend, they would experience the adventure of traveling during the day, since the return would be at 9:00 in the evening.

Anila is neither the first nor the last to embrace the trend of day trips to various nearby European destinations, where the cheap price of tickets and increased access to flights with several schedules has made it more tangible.

In recent years, a new trend has started to emerge among Albanians: day trips to major European cities. While flights to European destinations have increased significantly, Albanians are becoming part of a new tourist movement, avoiding the high costs of hotel accommodation.

The phenomenon points to a change in the perception of travel, making it more accessible and acceptable to more people.

Instead of planning a long stay in one destination, they choose to take advantage of short flights to different cities.

This trend is a response to the increase in the number of flights to popular European metropolises. For Albanians, a day trip has become possible, thanks to its short time, especially in Italian cities and the lower cost, due to the avoidance of accommodation.

They can explore the culture, architecture and gastronomy of a city in just a few hours, to return home the same day.

While hotels can offer luxury and comfort, day trips give the freedom to explore without limits, making each moment have its own unique value.

Around Europe... in 24 hours/ The new travel trend of Albanians

In this new wave of day trips in Europe, small tour agencies and guides are playing a key role in increasing demand.

These agencies, by focusing their services on unique and personalized experiences, have made it possible for travelers to enjoy a rich and varied trip while reducing expenses.

Specialized guides provide valuable information and advice on specific cities, making the trip not only beautiful, but also culturally valuable.

"Ilirida Travel" informs us that the demand for such trips has increased. According to them, the main reason is related to the fact that "low cost" air travel companies have brought several schedules in one day.

Also according to them, the flexibility for nearby cities within an hour's flight makes it possible to enjoy a few hours in a certain destination.

Moreover, the ticket prices were very cheap. For one person, a round-trip ticket to some of the main Italian cities costs about 30 euros, or even less.

For Albanians, choosing small agencies and guides is a safe way to explore their desired destinations with professional help.

These agencies offer customized and convenient packages, including detailed travel itinerary proposals, top attraction suggestions, and quick solutions for travelers' various needs.

In this way, travelers feel more comfortable and confident to explore the most beautiful perspectives of European cities in a short time.

Sokol Dodbiba, from the "Union Travel" agency, tells "Monitor" that they have started to apply for such trips, and they have had requests from many people. According to him, the low price of flights is one of the biggest advantages that Albanians have been missing for years, which they are using now.

An important advantage of small agencies and guides is their ability to use deep local knowledge and bring to attention the more unseen scenes of a city. In this personalized experience, travelers can discover authentic restaurants, local events and interesting stories, making each trip a true adventure.

Of course, the security that a guide offers you, guaranteeing that you can enjoy a European city in one day, without worrying that you won't be able to catch the schedules, has made agencies and small guides a preferred partner for them who want more than just an ordinary tourist visit.

Erjan Guxha, from "Travel Media", says that the trends of day trips have increased a lot recently, for several reasons.

"The main thing is the cheap tickets. If you used to need 500 euros to visit a place, now with 50 euros you can see one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Colosseum and the rest of Rome.

Another reason is to use the weekend in an excellent way and somehow avoid visits within Albania. Another reason for the promotion of this trend is the fact that it makes the whole society much easier together", says Mr. Guzha.

Asked to share with us one of his recent trips as a guide, he tells us that he just completed another day trip to Lake Como, the Bernina Express train and St. Moritz, two countries in one day.

"We ate a croissant in Italy, had lunch in Switzerland and returned to have dinner in Albania in one day," he continues.

According to him, in recent months, the most preferred destinations are Rome, Milan and Lake Como, Bernina Express.

"Not everyone thinks it's possible to travel within a day and many people think it's impossible, but every day more and more, Albanians are traveling more abroad than within the country. This can be bad news for the economy, but good for the culture that traveling abroad gives you", says Mr. Guzha.

According to him, they continue to benefit from the ticket prices, as they are very cheap and the requests for daily trips are mainly from young people, as it requires more energy and longer walks.

"This trend will continue as long as Wizz and Ryanair have flights to Albania and suitable ones, that is, in the morning and in the evening," he concludes.

Around Europe... in 24 hours/ The new travel trend of Albanians

Not only us

Across Europe, the day trip trend has gained a significant presence, indicating a change in the perception of travel. Many European travelers are turning to short and intense experiences in various destinations in their own countries.

This travel pattern has reflected a preference for using short periods of time to explore major cities, avoiding the need for long stays and high accommodation costs.

The reasons for this trend are many and complex. An important impact is the increase in the number of short and cheaper flights across Europe. This has made it possible for travelers to plan and make quick and efficient journeys to different destinations, without wishing for a long layover.

The trend reflects a cultural shift where travelers are more interested in in-the-moment experiences and spreading their activities over the course of a day. Social networks are also thought to be a factor in driving this trend, as not only local guides, but also various individuals increasingly 'advertise' this recent convenience.

Another important reason is the need for flexibility and independence. According to travel experts, day trips offer the opportunity to create unforgettable memories even in a very short period.

For many people, this travel model is a convenient way to experience different experiences without being burdened with long and complex arrangements.

This trend is reflecting the general demand for a new form of tourism, where speed and freedom of movement are valued more than staying in one place for a long time.

Around Europe... in 24 hours/ The new travel trend of Albanians


Day trips to European cities are becoming a preferred choice for many travelers, bringing about a marked change in the way we enjoy new adventures. The question that lies is: Is it worth visiting a city in a day, avoiding the cost of hotel accommodation, or adding a day to enjoy more?

According to the agencies, it should first be noted that the day trip is an excellent opportunity to explore the sights, culture and gastronomy of a city, saving on accommodation expenses.

In many cases, a short visit can provide you with a perfect overview of everything a city has to offer, making it a worthwhile and memorable experience.

But this pattern changes when it comes to summer vacations. For this period, according to the agencies, the demands of Albanians continue to be focused on resorts.

Another advantage of day trips is flexibility. You don't need long and complicated planning; you can choose the main attractions you want to visit and use your time freely and spontaneously. This kind of flexibility brings a sense of freedom, which is often not possible when staying in a destination for a long time.

However, it is important to consider that a day trip may limit the depth of the experience. According to the agencies, cities have much more to offer than you can explore in a day.

If time and budget allow, adding another day can be the right choice to discover more deeply the local culture, go shopping and get involved in the life of the city.

One thing is certain: the change in these travel patterns is expressing a new approach to adventures and extraordinary experiences, but also domestic demand and expenses that are being shifted abroad./ Monitor.al

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