How parents should behave with children when they put them to sleep

2024-02-10 21:45:00, Sociale CNA

How parents should behave with children when they put them to sleep

Parents, when you are going to put the child to sleep, try to be calm and do not do it impatiently, that is, waiting for the child to fall asleep. There are times when he will fall asleep immediately, but generally it takes a while to fall asleep.

It is good that the child is sent to sleep, every dinner at the same time and the most suitable time is 20.30.

Why this hour, because you will have time to read a book, talk a little about the time when you were not together, you at work and the child at kindergarten or school.

You can also talk a little about sleep even though the baby may be a month old.

You need to talk to him and explain in simple terms how good sleep is for him to grow, how much it helps his body and mind. By petting him and talking about the new day that is tomorrow, that he or she will be a bigger day.

Show him how good he is, that he uses his hand more confidently, that he laughs beautifully, and is full of these simple words that calm the child and, calming down with mom or dad by his side, he falls asleep.

Parents, your impatience makes the child feel bad and insecure! Parents, even putting to sleep is part of growing up, try to enjoy it, so avoid the annoyance!

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