Tips from specialists to manage children's curiosity about sexuality

2024-02-13 22:37:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

Tips from specialists to manage children's curiosity about sexuality

• The correct naming of the sexual organs. Vagina and penis, names with connotations or nicknames only cause confusion.

• Education and information for both boys and girls without distinction.

• The adult should not avoid and avoid the child's questions by saying: ask mom or dad. The adult should not get angry with the questions, but answer and when he does not know how to answer, tell the child seriously that he does not know, but as soon as he learns he will explain to him and he should keep his word and explain to him as soon as possible. 

• To read and show books that are for the age and that treat in an educational way the knowledge of the human body, both female and male, including the genital organs.

• One should not talk about genital organs in a negative way, for example, a woman "doesn't have" a penis, but a woman has a "vagina". To describe the difference and function of organs.

• Explain that "intimacy" is different from "secret".

• If the child is playing with a peer being touched, do not intervene, but remain calm, as you will inadvertently teach him to hide from you, but not to stop doing it.

• Childish curiosity is the most natural thing in the world. If the child, up to the age of 6, does not ask questions about this topic, one should think about where he is getting the information and how good this information is. Parents, do not allow your child to learn and discover himself and sexuality through the banality of the "street".

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