Minus temperatures / Weather for today

2024-02-14 07:07:00, Sociale CNA

Minus temperatures / Weather for today

For Wednesday, a further improvement of atmospheric conditions is expected over our country due to dry and cold air masses of northern origin.

The weather is expected to be clear throughout the territory, except for a few transitory clouds, mainly in the mountainous reliefs in the east. In the morning hours, reduced visibility is expected in valley areas due to dense fog or mist.

The wind is expected to blow in a northeast-northwest direction with an average speed of up to 10m/sec, while along the coastline and valley areas the wind is relatively intense and the speed reaches up to 14-18m/sec. Up to strength 2-4 points.

Temperatures are predicted: in mountainous areas -1 to 10°C, in low areas -1 to 16°C, in coastal areas 3 to 16°C./ CNA

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