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Albanian police in Florida/ "Since I came, I have experienced 3 hurricanes"

2022-10-04 09:47:00, Sociale CNA

Albanian police in Florida/ "Since I came, I have experienced 3

Erida, the Albanian police officer in Florida, told in an interview for "Goodmorning Albanians" in Euronews Albania, that since 2004, when she moved to the United States of America, she has experienced 3 hurricanes.

She said that this type of natural disaster can be predicted depending on the level of the hurricane, from 1 to 5, based on which the concern about the situation increases.

During the week, Erida said that he has done 107 hours of work and will continue like this, at the same pace, until the state of emergency ends and the citizens are all safe.

“For us, after the wind passed 45 miles per hour, all the police were pulled off the road. It was very difficult for us, because we live in one of the top 6 cities in America, so the response from the police, the response that we gave to the public was very quick and it was the hardest thing when we listened to what they needed and didn't "There was nothing we could do," said the officer.

For Erida, the most difficult moment was right now, after the end of Hurricane Ian and facing reality./Euronews

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