Marriage from Instagram/ Mother confronts her son: The father was in prison, the mother saw a cup

2023-12-03 19:10:00, Sociale CNA

Marriage from Instagram/ Mother confronts her son: The father was in prison, the

Anila is a mother who brought her son Andin to "See you in court". The difficult decision to face his son in the mediation session of the "E Diela Shqiptare" program on TV Klan comes from Andy's decision to marry a girl he met on social networks.

The recognition happened on Instagram and within 10 months, the celebration happened. Besides not agreeing with the form of recognition, Anila says that the introduction to the girl's family has caused her great dissatisfaction.

Andy:  I ??met a girl on social networks, on Instagram.

Eni Çobani:  What is it called?

Andi:  Her name is Armela Musta, while today she still has my last name, Gjoka.

Eni Çobani:  Are you married to him?

Andi:  Yes, we talked, we did the celebrations, we got married and the story started, for almost 10 months we talked...

Anila:  It was precisely because of this hasty celebration that you made my dear boy and I am in this state today that I told you from the beginning Andy, please"...

Eni Çobani:  What, did you marry this, right away?

Andy:  Yeah.

Eni Çobani:  How did you meet and get married, directly?

Andy:  Yeah. Not directly.

Anila:  Mrs. Eni didn't listen to us, because we told her, she didn't listen to us and he got to where he is today! He didn't listen to us.

Ardit Gjebrea:  You met him on Instagram, fell in love...

Andy:  Yeah.

Ardit Gjebrea:  She also fell in love, came...

Andi:  Yes, I took the parents, I brought them to Albania to come and go to look for this girl.

Ardit Gjebrea:  Officially.

Andy:  Officially, in her family. When I introduced the girl's family to my family, they did not agree.

Anila:  Mr. Ardit did not agree that the girl's family, her father had gone to prison for planting narcotics. My mother sold cups around the house, I am not of this category. The father's name is Astrit and he enters the house to ask for the hand of the girl and he says that I had a lover in Lin, forgive me and I am stunned. I was now that I did not want this thing to be done, for the sake of love I... when with this word I am totally disappointed and my son does not listen to me.

Andi:  What does it matter what the father did?

Anila:  You didn't listen to me, mother's son! The girl comes from a family!/tvklan.al

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