"That's what the family was like, mom?"/ Etleva confesses her suffering, what her 9-year-old son said to her when she got divorced

2023-12-03 15:54:00, Sociale CNA

"That's what the family was like, mom?"/ Etleva confesses her

Etleva was the next guest in the column "There's a Message for You", where she told her sad story and the suffering in her first marriage.

She said that the family married her to a matchmaker at the age of 22 and gave birth to 2 children, despite the fact that the relationship with the partner was very strained.

After 13 years of marriage, she and her husband divorced and the court separated the children, one from the mother and the other from the father.

Etleva has narrated her experiences, her children's and her son's statement that broke her heart.

"Adriano directly as a child, only 9 years old at the time. He tells me: "that's what the family was like, mom?". They don't understand and they don't know and I have to tell you this to all people or couples who have a disagreement from the beginning. Those who are hurt the most in the whole history, maybe they have heard it but have not tried it, that person who has lived it under the skin knows how to say that only the child suffers more", she said, while showing that she did not run away from Fieri did not want the children to be separated.

"I didn't want the children to be separated. At that time my father tells me: "you can come, the house is ours, we will live together". I said: "I can't do it without my son." "But how can I put my head on the pillow", I will never forget these words when he told me "you should live in another city, knowing that you are alone with a child". "You will stay calm", I told him, "because I will continue forward with my son. I will stay here for Emiljano". It's my eldest son, he really suffered a lot from the divorce. This hurts me more than anything. I don't regret my years that I spent, at all, that I lost. Just my kids. I know to tell Ardi that, every day, even though I faced the opinion, people's looks, curiosity... because when a divorce happens, you know that everyone is curious, not that they really want to support you. Let me tell you, little Adriano was only 9 years old. Even the day of the trial happened on his birthday, when he was 10 years old. It was the first session of my trial, that we did the divorce. We celebrated with my two parents, unfortunately, I wiped my tears when I came home and said: "you can make me 100, but we will continue this journey together". I do not know what to say. I remember a phrase from Adi himself, when he told me that I would put him to sleep and start (put his fingers under his eyes to symbolize that he was crying)... He could feel it even in his sleep and told me: "You promised me that you wouldn't cry tonight, you promised me". Because I didn't want him to see me during the day and I was saying how can I manage now. I really asked for this divorce, but how can I get it. But without the help of my parents, I wouldn't be here today telling this story. Because a person has moments when he is very weak and will not even live anymore", said Etleva./ CNA

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