Frost and fog warning / What drivers should be aware of, according to experts

2023-11-26 19:57:00, Sociale CNA

Frost and fog warning / What drivers should be aware of, according to experts

The Institute of Geosciences warns of cold weather next week with snow and rain, frost and fog.

Based on this, the institute's experts have given some advice that should be taken into account by drivers.

Experts ask that in every resort the signage be respected, chains be used in snowy areas and, furthermore, movement be reduced at night.

Advice from the Institute of Geosciences:

Advice from IGJEO experts on the eve of the cold winter season, mainly in terms of traveling in cold weather conditions, snow, ice and frost.

During the winter, atmospheric conditions such as fog, rain, snow and ice make driving difficult.

For these reasons, to avoid risks while driving it is good to respect the speed limits.

There are some specific indicators that should be taken into account:

- be informed about the weather in the area you are going to before the trip;

- movement without chains is not recommended;

- avoid movements in the late hours as much as possible, and especially at night.

Fog makes the road more invisible, reduces visibility and reduces the possibility of braking on asphalt. In these cases:

- reduce speed;

- keep your distance;

- keep the lights always on.

Travel safety must be part of our culture...

On days with bad weather and in difficult conditions,

We recommend the drivers to respect the traffic rules, as the only way to avoid and prevent accidents.

There is only benefit from care./ CNA

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