Ndenji married only 4 months/ Mirushja: We were not a couple! I gave him the money because he deceived me

2023-11-19 20:37:00, Sociale CNA

Ndenji married only 4 months/ Mirushja: We were not a couple! I gave him the

Laureta asks her twin sister, Mirusha, whom she brought to "Shihemi ne Gjyq", the money that her ex-husband took from the family. Mirushja met her ex-husband, who is a Kosovo Albanian, through Laureta, and he promised her that after they celebrated, they would live in Switzerland.

To carry out the procedures, he took money from Mirusha's family and then left. Mirushja says that she was deceived by him and that they were celebrated, but not a couple.

Eni Çobani:  Now, can you tell me how many times you gave money to Progress? From the first moment and how long have you stayed with this man, how many years, how many months, I don't know?

Mirushe:  Miss Eni, please listen to me. I was engaged despite the fact that he celebrated to take me with him, but I never became the bride of that house or of that husband, ex-husband. I never did.

Ardit Gjebrea:  How many months?

Mirushe:  It took 4 months.

Eni Çobani:  So you had this husband or not, my lady?

Mirushe:  How?

Eni Çobani:  Did you have a husband?

Mirushe:  Not mine!

Laureta:  They just did the celebrations, he just deceived my family.

Eni Çobani:  So you didn't have anyone... because Parparimi is listening to us and of course I'm sure he will call me and tell me this is my wife...

Mirushe:  If I were his wife, I would be with him. He was a fraud! Why didn't you take me? He celebrated in my hometown, took all the letters from where he had his and celebrated in our village.

Ardit Gjebrea:  So, I have a question, were you a couple?

Mirushe:  With letters, yes.

Ardit Gjebrea:  How about a couple?

Mirushe:  No.

Ardit Gjebrea:  What is your money for?

Mirushe:  How? Mr. Ardit deceived me./ Klan Tv

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