What makes us happy?/ The international study reveals

2023-11-13 20:21:00, Sociale CNA
What makes us happy?/ The international study reveals
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What makes people around the world happy or unhappy?

An international study led by researchers from Oslo tried to answer this question.

A research group compiled the findings of a number of studies on the well-being and quality of life of people internationally.

The researchers found three factors that affect the quality of life of all people:

Genetics: The genes you inherit can explain part of the quality of your life. This factor represents 31-32% of the quality of life, according to researchers.

Unique environment: Another factor has to do with the unique life histories and environment that each person on Earth inhabits. This can explain up to 50% of quality of life.

Common environments: The third factor is the common environment in which all citizens of any country live. This can explain about 20% of the quality of life of all people.

In the World Happiness Report, published annually, an international research team ranks the countries with the highest quality of national life. The ranking is based on a survey in which 1,000 people in each of the 157 participating countries are asked to rate their lives on a scale of 1 to 10.

What ultimately ensures our happiness?

In the modern world, a good quality of life often tends to be confused with the absence of problems. "However, life is about more than just avoiding mental or physical illness," points out Dr. Røysamb, CNA translated. "It's also about finding meaning in everyday life. Opening the door to positive emotions every day is what will set you on the path to a better life.”

Of course, experts point out, for people who have sufficient social and financial resources, it is even easier to enjoy a happy life.

The one element we can all have for a better life

One thing that Dr. Røysamb considers important for happiness is a sense of purpose. The high happiness scores of the Nordic countries say something about how they have managed to create relatively good societies. “We can see how factors such as poverty, war and corruption 'steal' the quality of life of people in other countries. The Nordic countries, for the most part, do not face these challenges", says Dr. Røysamb.

Conflicts in personal relationships are also a great "thief" of happiness. So try to surround yourself with harmonious relationships and remove toxic people from your life. Finally, the expert points out something key: For the most part, people seem to live with an innate tendency to feel and react positively. Being happy is simply part of human nature.

US News and World Report recently published its ranking of the best countries in the world based on quality of life.

To rank the 87 countries listed, US News and World Report, WPP and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania surveyed more than 17,000 people worldwide.

The 10 best countries in the world for quality of life: 

1. Sweden

2. Norway

3. Canada

4. Denmark

5. Finland

6. Switzerland

7. The Netherlands

8. Australia

9. Germany

10. New Zealand

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