Zodiac signs that get married later 

2023-11-13 19:43:00, Sociale CNA
Zodiac signs that get married later 
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Emily Newman, astrologer, has listed the three zodiac signs that are most likely to marry later in life.


It tends to "dip" in the honeymoon phase of a relationship. They feel comfortable in the early stages of their relationship, while fearing that a more serious commitment will take away their freedom. That is why they will have as much fun as they can. They like to make their own decisions. They also take a long time to find the right partner. This is the most important reason why they usually marry later in life. They often think that their partner will take away their freedom, says the astrologer.


As one of the most social signs and ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication), a Gemini sees no reason to stay in a relationship with just one person. In addition, they get bored very easily and need constant stimulation to keep them alert. They love people who challenge their minds. They are playful and easily bored. They set high standards for their relationships and want to find an ideal partner. 


You don't trust people easily and you don't follow norms and rules. Aquarians are independent, progressive and highly intelligent, while being very aware of their freedom. They especially enjoy being single and when they decide to commit, they need a partner who gives them space in their relationship. They don't value tradition as much as other signs, so marriage is not necessary for them./ CNA

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